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Manage Your Returns Better

Make Your Customers Happier

We make returns a new opportunity for any kind of store or brand!

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How it works

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Resend / Recall /Disposal & more

You may choose the best way to handle all your returns with Return Helper, such as resend, recall, disposal, recycle, bulk return, re-commerce, or more!

Photo Taking & Product Inspection

We’ll take photos of all returned items and upload product status within 24 hrs. Whether it’s damaged, broken seals, a mismatch in product SKU, or other details are verified at the time of receiving.

Warehouse Recieving

We have international warehouses in 14+ countries so buyers can return locally. We aim to keep your inventory costs low while improving transit times and lowering shipping costs.

Prepaid Label & Reverse Logistics

Customers can easily initiate a return and receive a return label via email with instructions to drop off or ship their returns. We support both local and international carriers.

Prepaid Label & Reverse Logistics


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photo taking & product inspection


Consumers can easily initiate returns
Flexibility for cross-border sellers to choose the final processing method

Branded Returns Portal

Auto-generated return labels can be sent to local warehouse. 

Consumers can initiate their own returns.

Key Features

return portal

Branded Return Portal

Let your customers request returns in seconds with a branded return portal.

Return Status Update   

Return Status Update

Make returns more convenient, streamlined, and accessible for eBay sellers.

Auto-Generated Return Labels

Auto-Generated Return Labels

Integration with international carriers with competitive shipping rates.

One-Click Return Handling 

One-Click Return Handling 

Get customized handling options including product testing, repackaging…and more! Decide the best way to process your returns with just a click!

Local Return Address  ​

Local Return Addres

Get access to local return addresses in 14 countries for your customers.

Product Inspection  ​

Product Inspection

Receiving return merchandise and reporting counterfeits or damage by misuse.

Don’t Let Returns Drag Down Your Profits.

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