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  • What is the next step to start using Return Helper's service?
    After signing the contract, our pay-as-you-go payment model requires an initial deposit of $500. Your account can be activated within half an hour, granting access to all our platform services and those in 13 overseas countries!
  • What kind of products would you recommend using the Return Helper return service for?
    Typically, products valued under $30 USD may not be cost-effective, but exceptions exist. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our specialist for tailored advice based on your product return situation.
  • Are there any restrictions on the return items?
    Item identification follows Amazon's regulations. Penalties apply for prohibited items, and controlled items like batteries or power supplies require confirmation with the Return Helper team.
  • Could food products also be able to returned using Return Helper service?
    Yes, we have relevant customer cases. We recommend scheduling a consultation with a specialist for details and tailored advice based on your product.
  • Are there any precautions to take when selling cosmetic and skincare products in the United States?
    Products with direct body contact or ingestion must obtain FDA certification for safety. Local customs clearance agency confirmation is required. Our logistics services provide relevant customs clearance documents.
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