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Amazon FBA Liquidation Service

We are here to help you offload your excess or obsolete inventory and free up space for your business.


When do you need to liquidate your inventory?

1. Obsolete/ dead inventory

2. Unprofitable Inventory

3. Expensive storage fees

Benefits of liquidating your excess inventory

1. Save yourself from extra storage fees

3. Avoid obsolescence and prevent inventory disposal

2. Generate Instant Cash Flow

4. Make space for new & trending products in fulfillment centers

How it works

3 Easy Steps to Liquidate Your Excess Inventory

1. Submit Inventory

Fill out the form and let us know about the surplus inventory you want to liquidate.

2. Accept Offer

Upon receiving the details, we will evaluate and present you with an offer to acquire your surplus merchandise.

3. Receive Payment

Once your goods are inspected upon arrival at the warehouse, you will receive payment (up to a maximum of 15% of MSRP).

Return Helper provides unique opportunities to help liquidate and sell your excess inventory.
Reach out to see how we can mitigate the challenges posed by prolonged storage fees, perishable/time-sensitive items, and more, ensuring that you avoid incurring substantial losses.

Ready to sell your excess inventory?

Thanks for submitting!

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