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Full range of Amazon services: Amazon FBA

Return Helper is a service designed to aid global sellers in shipping their products to Amazon's FBA warehouses globally, ensuring adherence to Amazon's regulations, and offering comprehensive cross-border e-commerce support.


Are you looking for a trustworthy and effective logistics partner to handle your Amazon FBA/FBM inventory?

Return Helper provides a comprehensive range of services for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), including shipping, transfers, inventory removal, inspection, and packaging. This ensures meticulous handling of customers' products throughout the entire process. Our network covers the United States, Europe, Japan, to Southeast Asia, providing global sellers with an Amazon FBA all-in-one solution while ensuring compliance with Amazon's guidelines.


Can't I complete FBA prep myself? Why shipment rejected from FBA?! Amazon might even slap me with penalty fees for non-compliance!

Return Helper's Amazon FBA Prep service ensures smooth inventory directly to Amazon FBA warehouses by handling export customs clearance and destination country import clearance. We guarantee compliance with packaging regulations, thereby minimizing the risk of Amazon violation fees.

What should I do if my FBA shipment is rejected by Amazon?

Suppose your packaging or labels fail to meet FBA standards and Amazon rejects your shipment. In that case, we swiftly remove your inventory and then assist with repackaging and relabeling to ensure compliance with FBA requirements (using either FNSKU or manufacturer barcode). Once corrections are made, we re-submit the shipment for acceptance.

  • Multiple channels - express delivery, air freight, sea freight

  • We guarantee that every step aligns with Amazon FBA compliance policy, ensuring a seamless shelving process for your products.

We provide tailored FBA preparation services, covering storage, distribution, packaging, and cross-border shipping, all customized for Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA Prep Service


Why do we need to remove inventory from FBA? Can't we keep storing the goods in the Amazon FBA warehouse?

Common FBA scenarios:

  1. Expect monthly charges such as inventory storage fees, long-term storage fees, and excess fees imposed by Amazon.

  2. Low scores on the Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI) can lead to inventory quantity limitations and automatic removal within 30 days. 

  3. Amazon upholds stringent standards for resale; items marked as unsellable are often just unpackaged but unused. It's recommended to promptly inspect and reassess locally.

We offer FBA removal, product inspection, and return classification services. Depending on your needs, options include refurbishment and resubmission, resale to new customers, bulk local recycling, or recall.

How can we rapidly restock inventory for Prime Day, Amazon's peak sale seasons? How does our transshipment service contribute to the process?

Return Helper's transshipment service from overseas warehouses ensures seamless inventory management during high-demand periods, offering timely restock solutions.

Amazon FBA Removal and Relabeling Service

Save on excessive FBA fees and prevent inventory quantity limits.

  • 13+ overseas warehouses facilitate the swift acceptance of FBA removal inventory from various countries

  • Providing inspection of unsellable inventory, relabeling/packaging, and replenish to FBA

FBA removal

What types of inventory are eligible for liquidation? Is it possible to convert surplus or outdated stock into cash?

Return Helper offers an FBA liquidation service to help sell surplus or outdated inventory, unprofitable items, or those with high storage costs. This service converts remaining inventory into immediate cash flow, addressing challenges like long-term warehousing fees and perishable or time-sensitive goods, while creating space for new products.

We're here to help clear out excess or outdated inventory from Amazon FBA warehouses, making space for your new products.

  • Avoid inventory obsolescence and accumulation, while swiftly generating cash flow.

  • Streamline your inventory management for maximum efficiency.

Amazon FBA Liquidation Inventory Liquidation Service


Our Full Range of Amazon integration service

FBA Prep & Storage

We provide prep and storage services for your FBA inventory.


We help you offload your excess or obsolete inventory and free up space for your business.

FBM Order Fulfillment

Our local and international last-mile options ensure fast delivery to your customers.

FBA Removal & Relabel & Replenish

We receive, inspect, correct, and ship your inventory back to Amazon or anywhere you need it.

FBM Amazon International Returns

Easily remove inventory, enter the unique address at Return Helper, and confirm the order.

Value-Added Services

We make your Amazon returns more flexible by providing re-shipment, bulk returns and more.

Looking for a reliable logistics service provider to help manage your Amazon inventory?

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